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Koven ft Folly Rae 'Make It There' by Love Vis-art

Jimmy Brown - 14th Nov 2013

Shot in California, Love Vis-Art's promo for Make It There by British producer Max Rowat - aka Koven - documents a young, strong woman looking for a human connection 'in a world where's she's emotionally and spiritually numb'.

Love Vis-Art: "I've only been to America twice. The first time was to meet Muhammad Ali and the second time I got to go shoot a skate video in California. I think I can die happy.

"I want to thank Caitlin Yong, our lead for being super generous with her time and an outstanding person to work with. Her enthusiasm and love for skateboarding is as true in life as it is portrayed in the video. I always remember after every narrative scene she'd ask me in her soft and chipper tone: 'So... when can we skate?' That girl just loves to shred."

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Jimmy Brown - 14th Nov 2013

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Love Vis-Art
Alasdair Mitchell
Production Company


Director of Photography
Jamie Michael Korn


Tim Dudley
Viper Recordings

Jimmy Brown - 14th Nov 2013

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