David Knight - 14th Nov 2013

Nir Ben Jacob has made excellent animated videos for Walkmen and Great Lake Swimmers (both shown at BUG) but here his energies have been devoted elsewhere - to collecting the most remarkable array of existing footage, that have (almost inevitably) been turned into gifs (including Kubrick's Lolita, above, and lots more Kubrick movies, adn much more besides), and editing them together into a head-banging montage, for new band's Document's rather excellent Where You Are. 

We've all seen this sort of thing before, but this is particularly well done. In fact its marvellous. Fasten your seatbelts... 

Nir Ben Jacob: "The idea was to create a sort of montage of the current state of the internet through gifs. I've been gathering random gifs from the depths of the internet for about a year or so – there are some really great ones out there. We wanted it to have a cinematic or vintage feel but also feel very current at the same time. For a while we were calling it 'internet head'. This is documentation of a certain type of internet-culture. 

"So the video breaks down to three parts: the first is more visceral, the second is the dance-y part which is comic/absurd, and the third is violence and destruction.  Some parts feel psychedelic in a 2013 sort of way – there's something really hypnotizing about loops. Rex Sorgatz has a piece that discusses some of it.

"As far as the legal aspect [of using the gifs], this sort of work aligns with the mentality of creating something new using samples of other works.  Like Jim Jarmusch said, steal from anywhere that speaks directly to your soul.  I'm not sure at what point Youtube would take it down, if they even do. I guess someone has to complain first. The good thing is that because the video is made up of so many little pieces, it's not that difficult to replace a few seconds and maintain the concept and impact of the video. That being said, I really hope it stays on there because I really like this version."


DirectorNir Ben Jacob

David Knight - 14th Nov 2013

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