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Camo & Krooked 'Loving You Is Easy' by Jack & Alex

David Knight - 13th Nov 2013

halcyon - that's Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White – take us back to the golden age of the TV cop show for Camo & Krooked's Loving You Is Easy, and what looks like a lost tape of a long-forgotten show (possibly produced by Lew Grade) called Zeitgeist. That's the one with an unusual gimmick - the cop is a tough yet sexy lady, called Lily Stone...  

halcyon: "To reflect the mix of different musical styles in Camo & Krooked's new Zeitgeist album, we created a video that emulated the opening credits of a 70s crime show, but set in the modern day. In this show, we follow a femme fatale - detective Lily Stone - a sexy and dangerous character who isn't afraid to bend the rules to get her way.

"We had to shoot the video as a series of miniclips, as if we were watching bits from dozens of previous episodes of a fictional TV show. In each clip something different had to be happening - a different place, a piece of action, a piece of dialogue, a location shot etc. We then placed these within various graphical elements to compound the 70s aesthetic (split screens, quirky animations etc). 

"We wanted people to discover this as if it was a real show from the archive - so we ran it through a bunch of old video filters to give it that retro feel."

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David Knight - 13th Nov 2013

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Jack & Alex
Daniel Bliss
Production Company
Sudden Black


Director of Photography
Charlie Herranz


Art Director
Max Lincoln


The Assembly Rooms


Jason Arber


Director's Representation


Matt Riley
Hospital Records

Other credits

Additional VFX

Brad Purnell

David Knight - 13th Nov 2013

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