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Dream Koala 'Odyssey' by Fabulous & Les Gentils Garçons

Davis Silis - 31st Oct 2013

Nineteen-year-old Dream Koala's debut video 'Odyssey' is a stunning work of science-fiction grandeur, a beautifully twisted view of one's inner world collapsing in the most vicious yet serene way.

There's a satisfying poetry to the idea that when your life flashes before your eyes, you see all the experiences and memories that made you who you were. Good or bad, they were yours and yours alone. So what a terrifying thought that maybe instead, you'd be stuck contemplating everything you didn't do or see. A suspended catastrophe with no end.

Visual effects artists Adrien Peze and Albin Merle (known as Fabulous) and Les Gentils Garçons create exactly that, as though we lived in a parallel universe where Terrence Malick had made Inception. It focuses more on visually capturing those indescribable sentiments than any kind of narrative or even metaphorical interpretation of music.

So even with the palpable undercurrent of regret coursing throughout, a distinct kind of beauty emerges, and despite being completely CGI, it's evocative in a profoundly human way.

Davis Silis - 31st Oct 2013


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Les Gentils Garçons

Davis Silis - 31st Oct 2013

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