Davis Silis - 30th Oct 2013

Derrick Belcham & Ruby Kato Attwood's arresting effort for CFCF's 'Beyond Light' is one of the few videos that earns the right to be called film art. Not because of a particular breed of storytelling that feels abstract yet suitably cinematic, but because it gets at the heart of film as a medium itself; it's created from the bare building blocks of light, movement and sound.

We've been conditioned to essentially disregard moving image work like this; computer generated fractals, the kind of stuff you find in use by uninspired VJs with no respect for their audience who rock up to venues just to turn on their iTunes Visualiser have ruined it for a lot of people. And that's a true shame.

When you start watching 'Beyond Light', it doesn't take long to sense the hand of these filmmakers, conjuring and acutely controlling the images we see. Even more impressive, then, when you realise nothing at all here is computer generated. You feel like you're watching wonderfully obscure chemical reactions because that's exactly what you're doing.

It's a terrific hat-tip to early photographic pioneers, who were as interested in the process of exposing film to light as the end results themselves. If anything, 'Beyond Light' should remind us all of the true depth of film as a medium, far beyond the constraints we've imposed on ourselves by conflating film with cinema.


DirectorDerrick Belcham
DirectorRuby Kato Attwood

Davis Silis - 30th Oct 2013

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