David Knight - 30th Sept 2013

Ewan Jones Morris, recent guest at BUG with directing partner Casey Raymond, has followed up his excellent Pinkunoizu video for Moped, with this straightforward performance vid for his pals Islet, made much punchier by adding GoPro cameras to the band's instruments, and on a backpack worn by the bandmembers. The effect is rather like Radiohead's Jigsaw Falling Into Place video (by BUG host Adam Buxton) without the helmet-cams... 

Ewan Jones Morris: "As a band they are full of beans so strapping cameras to them seemed an unavoidable step to make. The GoPro cameras were borrowed from a World Superbike champion and former Welsh Sports Personality of the year - a fact that improves the video no end, obviously."


DirectorEwan Jones Morris
Camera AssistantRhodri Brooks
Other creditsThanks to Chaz Davies and Simon Clode for cameras Thanks to National Theatre Wales for location

David Knight - 30th Sept 2013

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