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Keep Shelly In Athens 'Recollection' by LAMAR+NIK

David Knight - 27th Sept 2013

In Lamar+Nik's rather haunting video for Keep Shelly In Athens' Recollection, a derelict school is visited by a middle aged woman, and a strange phenomenon: giant floating bubbles. 

The video follows the observation from the band's singer Sara P that "we are all made of memories, that we sometimes make look like beautiful bubbles. The thing is that bubbles easily disappear. Maybe other bubbles will show up soon that will also disappear, but the only ones who are left watching is you, me, our friends, our families..." So the directing duo have made the bubbles - and they are for real. No CGI was used at all.

What's more, Nik's mum plays the woman stirring up memories by visiting the school. "The abandoned school holds many memories, some of which are explored in the video," say the directors. "At it's most basic, the video is about finally letting go."


David Knight - 27th Sept 2013


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Director of Photography
Spenser Sakurai


Cole Rachal

David Knight - 27th Sept 2013

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