David Knight - 24th Sept 2013

The debut video for new rap pop artist T3ST, featuring the vocals of Jermaine Riley, was conceived at East End Studios, where director Elmino and producer Keith Long worked out the laser lighting FX for this performance-based video including a dramatic diamond heist sequence.  

"Usually we get approached with a brief or we pitch a concept and then work out the lighting / props etc," explains Keith Long. "With this video we took it the other way around, we decided on the lighting effect / special effect we would most like to try out and then worked out a treatment to fit around the lighting equipment and props. Once we decided on Lasers that was it – laser security grid, a diamond heist and the Mission Impossible-style abseil from the studio roof.

"This shoot used some very powerful 15Watt (not mw) Lasers to project the beams from wall to wall in the studio; with our stunt girl lighting a flare (whilst on a rope) to illuminate the laser beams heading in to finally steal the diamond.

"All of the effects in this video were done on set; from lasers reflecting in the sunglasses to the laser storm on set. With lasers being pulse lighting this caused various problems with rolling shutter effects that had to be dealt with by our post production team."


ProducerKeith Long
EditorJack Kibbey Newman
Director of PhotographyAdrian Brown
Production CompanyEast End Studios London
ColouristJack Kibbey Newman
SparkXimon Gray
Make-upSophia Taylor
Focus PullerCamile Liberto
GafferKeith Long

David Knight - 24th Sept 2013

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