Jimmy Brown - 20th Sept 2013

Greg Davenport reunites with Steve Mason for this surreal and compelling promo to the former Beta Band singer’s new single Fire.

Tunde Adsina heads a large cast as they individually make their way through a deserted central London - negotiating their way around falling TVs and an odd collection of mirrors - to a mysterious designated meeting point…


"Following on from A Lot Of Love I really wanted to up the ante visually for Fire! and shoot something with a greater sense of scale. I also wanted to do justice to the lyrics and meaning of the track but in a more abstract and mysterious way this time around. 

"We set up scenes where everything is not entirely what it seems and used metaphorical imagery to represent the kind of deception common in politics of appearance. Our protagonists are seen to realise this deception and begin to reject it forming a march through the City. The track feels very much like a call to arms and it's this essence I really wanted to capture.

"I was really inspired by the recent protests in Turkey, especially the 'standing protest' in Taksim square which was then echoed around the world. I found this a really striking and visual form of protest and so depicted a similar kind of protest in our video. Shooting right in the centre of the City was pretty incredible and we were lucky a bunch of Steve's own fans came out for the shoot. The three actors we cast in the main roles were all fantastic and innately understood what we were trying to achieve. 

"DoP Patrick Meller was awesome to work with and with such a short turnaround Chris Roebuck at Cut & Run did a fantastic job, especially with the pacing of the film - and we were lucky Edwin at Framestore was able to lend us an absolutely killer grade.

"Fingers crossed I get to complete a hat-trick for Steve, time will tell!"

PRO Credits


DirectorGreg Davenport
ProducerAdam Wakeman
Production CompanyEpoch Films
Executive ProducerOliver Hammerton
Production AssistantAthena Stavrakis
Director of PhotographyPatrick Meller
SteadicamTom Wilkinson
1st ADDan Gibling
2nd ADMichael Middleton-Downer
Production designerCharlie Whiteway
Make-upHarriet Dennant
1st ACAlice Hobden
2nd ACMartyn Culpan
EditorChris Roebuck
Editing companyCut+Run
ColouristEdwin Metternich
Grading companyFramestore
CommissionerJohn Moule

Jimmy Brown - 20th Sept 2013

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