David Knight - 16th Sept 2013

Richard Swarbrick has earned a reputation for turning football into art with his painterly animations of the likes of Messi and Rooney in full-flow. Now he's turned music into art, out of money...

The performance by no-nonsense garage rock outfit China Rat's cry of impoverishment N.O.M.O.N.E.Y has been completely recreated in a stop frame animation made from coins and bank notes.

It's ingenious, brilliantly executed, and mesmerizing... wonder how much it cost?


DirectorRichard Swarbrick
ProducerDanny Fleet
Production CompanyHotspur & Argyle
Production ManagerLizzie Wilkinson
Director of PhotographyCiro Candia
EditorSimon Hargood
Lead actorMutsa Mankola
Director's RepresentationRichard Adam
CommissionerOnce Upon A Time Music
LabelOnce Upon A Time Music
Other creditsAnimators: Richard Swarbrick, Eva Wagner, Hannah Wroe, Lucy Watkins, Lorcan Kerr, Amy Philpott

David Knight - 16th Sept 2013

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