David Knight - 9th Sept 2013

A mesmerizing handrawn animated video by Graeme Maguire for his friend known as Scarbelly, with the singer's animated performance constantly shifting into appropriately evocative and creepy imagery for his excellent folk tune The Woods. 

Graeme Maguire: "The Woods is a frame by frame animation that consists of around 1500 individual drawings. It's essentially a stream of consciousness animation, as in I didn't know what was going to happen next - quite liberating for someone who gets bogged down in perfection.

"The artist is a friend from Wales who I've known for years. He's been fighting a horrific battle with cancer but has managed to write and create a great record along the way. I was inspired to collaborate and saw it as an opportunity to do something quick (in animation terms) and creative and wrap up a project while it was still fun. Plus the song is insanely catchy!"


DirectorGraeme Maguire
Production CompanyG-whiz!

David Knight - 9th Sept 2013

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