David Knight - 9th Sept 2013

A marvellous video for Warp signing Jackson And His Computerband's Dead Living Things - featuring the distinctive vocal stylings of Planningtorock - by Alex Courtès, that really is good for repeated viewings.

It has an impenetrably surreal, vignette-style that has become quite familiar  - and Alex has commented on its debt to other notable filmmakers, saying on the Warp Records site that "this project is a direct reference to the works of Fellini and David Lynch. It is a juxtaposition of life scenes and actions that have nothing to do with each other in particular, that however create a fantastic dynamic and resolutely surreal experience.”

Absolutely. But it's worth adding that the film really has the true quality of a dream. These scenarios are conjured from imagination, like a random dreamer's thoughts, with a coherent narrative just tantalisingly out of reach.  

PRO Credits


DirectorAlex Courtès
Production CompanyDivision
ProducerJules de Chateleux
Line ProducerJean Davi
1st ADFrancois Lizé
Director of PhotographyMathieu Plainfosse
EditorNicolas Larrouquere
Production designerMarie D'Alençon
Location ManagerAmaury Brougalay
GripSebastien Grasso
GafferOlivier Benoist
WardrobeJoy Sauvage
HairAlain Tamaya
Make-upDjoher Ait Amer
Make-upBéatrice Han Ching
Post ProducerPaul Crehange
Post production companyHome Digital Pictures

David Knight - 9th Sept 2013

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