Jimmy Brown - 4th Sept 2013

Prano Bailey-Bond delivers this morphing, beautifully stylish promo for Mariana Magnavita's acoustic ballad Things That Go Around. Props to Minna Attola for tasteful and authentic wardrobe and DP Annika Summerson for the gorgeous lighting...


"I really wanted to emanate the track's beauty, clarity and simplicity in the visuals. What I soon realised was that my concept was actually pretty logistically complicated, involving a bit more maths than I had ever anticipated! However - it was a lot of fun and very satisfying to figure out.

"Mariana Magnavita was lovely to work with & proved herself as a styling chameleon pulling off all the video's looks so well, which span from the mid 18th Century to the present day. It's been a really exciting project to design & create & with such a talented set of people along the way - extra special thanks go to the visual effects guys at Gas & Electric for all their hard work."


DirectorPrano Bailey-Bond
Production CompanyGas&Electric
Production CompanySoul Rebel Films
ProducerMeghna Gupta
Director of PhotographyAnnika Summerson
EditorPrano Bailey-Bond
Director's RepresentationY-i London
VFXChris Joyce
SparkSean Cavill
Production designerPolly Attala
Focus PullerJason Wingrove
StylistMinna Attala
Asst stylistLily Barton
Make-upRuth Pease
HairKamila Siematkowska
GripTom Newell
Camera AssistantCatherine Staples
Production AssistantIeva Bachtiarova

Jimmy Brown - 4th Sept 2013

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