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Subscape 'I Need You' by Człowiek Kamera

Jimmy Brown - 3rd Sept 2013

Director Człowiek Kamera casts a group of young Polish children who say goodbye to their past, in this symbolic and captivating promo to Subscape's I Need You.

The promo was shot in several small villages (Węgrów, Ruchna, Korytnica), 90km east of Warsaw.

Człowiek Kamera

"This clip depicts the drastic, definite decision of a group of kids, who have already decided to burn a part of their past behind them. There is no tears, but definite decisions, confidence, faith in the reality and the end of a fairy-like life.

"The first and the most important condition we had to fulfil was to secure safety of the kids. We informed police and fire brigade about our plans.

"Prior to shooting we spent two days with the children (and their parents) to let them get accustomed to us. Most of the sequence with the car was shot spontaneously, we didn’t have to do much to make the kids engage in demolishing the car. We had a lot of good luck on our side with this production – despite small budget we managed to get a high end equipment as well as assemble a good crew.

"I want to thank to Kamil Płocki and Kamila Boruc, without them this project couldn't have been successful.”

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Jimmy Brown - 3rd Sept 2013


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Człowiek Kamera
Kamil Płocki
Production Manager
Kamila Boruc


Director of Photography
Kamil Płocki
Camera Assistant
Seweryn Kukliński


Radar Music Videos
Dub Police



Jimmy Brown - 3rd Sept 2013

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