Jimmy Brown - 26th July 2013

Swedish alt-rock singer Nicole Sabouné joins forces with Mats Udd for this retro piece to accompany her I Surrender single.

Mats produces a late 70s-style TV performance (think Top Of The Pops) complete with cheesy presenter - played by Johannes Brost - boasting a 4:3 aspect ratio and suitable aged VHS-esque FX.


DirectorMats Udd
ProducerSimon Mulk
Director of PhotographyErik Nordlund
Art DirectorKlara Granstrand
EditorAnton Skott
Lead actorJohannes Brost
ColouristSimon Karlsson
VFXSimon Karlsson
Executive ProducerTorbjörn Mulk
Focus PullerMarcus Hagwall
GripAdrian Wigerdal
Hair & Make-upAurea Florio Fava
Special ThanksJohan T Karlsson
Special ThanksLight In A Room
Special ThanksIndependent Studios

Jimmy Brown - 26th July 2013

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