Jimmy Brown - 10th July 2013

Ryan Owen Eddleston unveils the story of a runaway kid (played by young Darren Evans from Submarine and My Mad Fat Diary) in this very British promo for The Others' One Man Show, featuring singer Lonette Charles and Ryan's own grandmother Betty.


"It's a story about a boy called Kevin who's a bit lost in life and runs away from the children's home he's living in, in Blackburn. When he runs away, he finds himself immersed in an environment he hasn't been in for years, and behaves like a kid.

"Along his journey he starts to think that he needs to stop being a boy and behave like a man, and this leads him to pluck up the courage and go to to his Grandma's house to resolve everything. 

"I suppose the key theme for the audience is about relating to Kevin and that moment where he consciously stops being a boy and becomes a man. 

"Like the song title 'One Man Show' he realises his life is controlled by him and he needs to step up to control it."


DirectorRyan Owen Eddleston
ProducerRyan Owen Eddleston
Director of PhotographyLuke Jacobs (DoP)
1st ADChris McGaughey
1st ACChris McGaughey
Production ManagerCraig Harris
SoundDom Corbisiero
EditorSara Jones
ColouristRyan Owen Eddleston
Lead actorDarren Evans
Lead actorBetty Goldsworthy
LabelDub Police
CommissionerRadar Music Videos

Jimmy Brown - 10th July 2013

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