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Cloud Control 'Dojo Rising' by Ian Pons Jewell

David Knight - 10th July 2013

It's never easy making the follow-up to a phenomenon – which is what Ian Pons Jewell's video for Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith's Na Na Na certainly is. Kids, and quite a few adults, are regularly sticking fingers in their ears in the manner of the delightful Franco Miranda, the young star of the video.

But Ian is quite happy to stick with a winning formula for Cloud Control's Dojo Rising. He's been based in La Paz in Bolivia since earlier this year, and made the highly enjoyable doc-style video for Landshapes' In Limbo. Then came Naughty Boy, with its South American take on the Wizard of Oz story. Cloud Control's Dojo Rising video is also set in La Paz, also with local actors, and also with Ian Pons Jewell's distinctive comedy style, mixing reality and something far wackier.

And it's not so much Cloud Control as clown control, revolving around a clown at a kids party - under fire and being chased by the authorities, due to the determined desire vengeance by a small girl (played by the sister of the boy from the Naughty Boy video). And it turns out clowns in general are an endangered species...

Ian talks at length about the making of the Dojo Rising video on Brainwash, and had a few words left for Promo as well, giving a small yet fascinating insight in how to get filmmaking done in Bolivia...

Ian Pons Jewell:

"The video stars Nayeli Miranda, the older sister of Franco who plays the little boy in the Naughty Boy video. She was so incredible in the casting session for Naughty Boy that I kept here in mind for future projects. She managed to learn all the lyrics which I wrote out in phonetic Spanish in just a few days.

"The video has a cameo from Franco, and also stars Alex Teran who plays the Cement Man in Naughty Boy. We got the police station and police car in return for buying the police a Football Trophy for their staff match!"

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David Knight - 10th July 2013


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Lead actor
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Bolivian Express Magazine

David Knight - 10th July 2013

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