Sam Hill - 8th July 2013

In an effort to have a video set in a location outside of London, Hospital Records went to Radar Music Videos to find director Paul Kamuf in New York.

Paul has spun a tale of romance, bicycles and rainbows for drum and bass duo Camo & Krooked; all set with the magnificent vistas of the city so nice, they named it twice.  Interestingly, the rainbow you see is a real event, and Paul had to carefully plan his shooting schedule to capture it here.  All in all it's..ahem...wheely good fun.

Paul Kamuf:

"We knew this rare night rainbow would be visible only on specific dates in June. It had to be shot at night and we planned the entire thing around the best viewing of the rainbow and the rhythm of the track. We thought the best backdrop would be New York City, giving contrast between the colours of the city and the colours of the rainbow.

"The timing was tight, but we worked with a great crew to capture as much as we could."


DirectorPaul Kamuf
Director of PhotographyDaniel Patterson
VFXOriginal Original
Executive ProducerPola Brown
LabelHospital Records
CommissionerRadar Music Videos

Sam Hill - 8th July 2013

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