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Moones 'Better Energy – Drunk In Session' by Ben Falk

David Knight - 3rd July 2013

You may remember Moones' superb video for their song Better Energy last year – an insane melange of animation styles supervised by Peter Sluszka, and a nominee at the 2012 MVAs. And you will now marvel in a very different way at this new video by Ben Falk for the same track, the title of which is more explanatory than you might think. The band really do get Drunk In Session.

But rather than just showing Moones getting progressively more inebriated as they perform the song, an interactive element allows the viewer to cut the video themselves in two ways - between cameras covering a take, and between takes as the band go up the scale of pissedness - from 0 to 80 beers. And this is achieved with the ingenious but easy-to-use method of YouTube annotations.

So this is ingenious, insane – and genuinely experimental. Check for yourself the effect of multiple brewskis on a bunch of guys playing music (Moones are basically cooking on about 40 beers; not surprisingly all over the shop on 80).

Could definitely catch on. Love to see Radiohead do this...  

Ben Falk:

"At the 2012 MVA's I drunkenly stumbled into Ollie from Moones and we got chatting. I offered to make him a music video in my stupor. Ollie took me up on this offer and we met over a pint… your probably getting where the concept came from! 

"He suggested shooting a video where the band are drinking and cutting back and forth to performances in different states of inebriation. I thought it had legs but wasn't that enthused by the standard edit idea. I’ve been toying with adding interactivity to music promos and wanted to do something a bit different. 

"As luck would have it, when not being a front man, Ollie works at Google. So he had a chat with a guy called Michael Stevens who came up with the idea of using YouTube annotations to let the viewer control the edit and therefore the drunkenness. Ollie introduced Alberto, who deserves massive props for getting the tech to work, and we shot the five performances to a click track over an increasingly incoherent day in a friends flat.

"What we got is a video that’s a bit different to anything seen before and hopefully memorable to the viewer, if not the band."

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David Knight - 3rd July 2013


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Ben Falk
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Lorenzo Marri
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Adam Poyser

David Knight - 3rd July 2013

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