Jimmy Brown - 20th June 2013

Franklyn Banks takes us on an odd and emotional journey in his promo for Tunng's The Village - from their new album Turbines.

Mirroring the quirky folktronica of the soundtrack, Franklyn parades a host of unusual yet charming elderly characters out exploring their neighbourhood, looking for inspiration in varying forms...

Franklyn Banks:

"There's a couple of strange electronic noises that cut through the music and a weird looped section at the end. That made me think of malfunctioning equipment which in turn triggered a memory from a documentary I'd seen a few days earlier - I Believe In UFOs With Danny Dyer.

"The band were into the idea of a doc and we started looking for our group. It was actually incredibly easy to track them down on line and equally amazing was how willing they were to embrace the project and let us into their lives and homes. Some scenes staged for your enjoyment. Massive thanks to Mark, Judy, Bernie, Des, Chris and Mark!"

PRO Credits


DirectorFranklyn Banks
Production CompanyPark Village
ProducerJoe Walker
Director of PhotographyRina Yang
EditorSam Jones
ColouristSimona Harrison
Grading companyRushes
Lead actorMike Aherne, Bernie Bassett, Des Britton, Judy Tchnerniak, Chris Randall, Mark Sweet
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK

Jimmy Brown - 20th June 2013

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