Sam Hill - 17th June 2013

Anthony Furlong has pulled together a mass of different techniques to produce this dramatic sci-fi video for Stacey Delooze.  Digital art, green-screening and meticulous roto-scoping have been pulled together to create imploding planets, galloping horses and some lovely looking galactic vistas.  

Strong work for only the director's second ever music video.

Anthony Furlong:

"I wanted to create a story to match that epic scale, yet follow a character that we could connect with. Underneath the flashy images, this is a story about love, war and pain; but also about taking charge of your destiny and becoming a leader.

"To add a certain level of authenticity to this video, I filled it full of symbology and references to mythology. Everything you see is there for a reason. The horse, for example, is a symbol of land and of travel in the ancient druid tradition."


DirectorAnthony Furlong
Director of PhotographyDerek McKane
1st ADKyle Davis
StylistOmar Campbell
Hair & Make-upDemetrios Stavracos
EditorJonathan Edwards
ColouristStuart Wheeler
AnimatorAnthony Furlong
Production designerAnthony Furlong
3D AnimatorYoung Park
3D AnimatorKirt Critoph
CompositorAndrew Malvasio
CompositorPerina Bustamante
CommissionerRadar Music Videos
Other creditsMotorcyclist: Heidi Hackemer Actors: Melanie French and Shabaya Clark

Sam Hill - 17th June 2013

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