Promo News - 28th May 2013

Shot over a 24 hour period from a rooftop in Paris (with extra footage of guest vocalist Kelis filmed at Marconi studios in Rome), Chic & Artistic deliver this excellent and cool time-lapse promo for Dan Black and Kelis’ Hearts.

The action was shot one frame every 16 seconds from 11am to 11am with Kelis’ appearance superimposed to brilliant effect.


DirectorChic & Artistic
Production CompanyChic & Artistic Unlimited
Director of PhotographyBruno Pellarin
Director of PhotographyGwen Le Bras
Director of PhotographyGiuseppe Mottola
CompositorBarbara Toth
AnimationBarbara Toth
Other creditsReps: Alison and Jen at Las Bandas Be Brave

Promo News - 28th May 2013

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