Promo News - 16th May 2013

Anton Octavian has impressively channelled his felt-tip style fury into this colourful stop-motion montage for Sirsy’s Lionheart. Put together on a digital drawing tablet, Anton has managed to animate some ‘live’ performance of the band, and also render some of the king of the jungle himself.

One-man production team Anton says: “I think that was thousand of drawings done on my amazing old Cintiq tablet. Also I was lucky with several live recordings that helped me as a reference to animate the band characters. The folks from Funzalo Records gave me a free-reign on this project, especially Dan Agnew who kept telling me ‘Anton… you’re the director…!’.”


ProductionAnton Octavian
DirectorAnton Octavian
EditorAnton Octavian
AnimationAnton Octavian
CommissionerRadar Music Videos

Promo News - 16th May 2013

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