Promo News - 14th May 2013

Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker have created a marvellous animated video for London dance-rock outfit BINARY’s G.O.D. in which a rigidly ordered world – graphically and narratively – is breached by a errant worker, who rebels by infecting the geometric universe with a far wilder style of animation, and far more colour…

Tom and Nicos are animation buddies from their days at Kingston University, and the video resulted from Nicos deciding to put animation itself at the core of the idea just before he fell asleep one night…

Nicos Livesey: “A friend of mine was working with the band, they knew they wanted an animation. We had the chance to pitch on it and the story came from one of my half asleep states. It takes me about two hours to get to sleep most nights and within this time there are many thoughts that slip through my mind. I managed to write this one down. I knew that I wanted to create a narrative with atmosphere to set a tone, then for something drastic to happen. But I wanted the climax to be “Animation” itself.

“In total I think it was about eight weeks from storyboarding to finish. Tom and I spent a great deal of time ripping apart the storyboard and really trying to tighten up the narrative and design. The last part is all hand-drawn and wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic and super speedy Blanca Matinez de Rituerto & Joe Sparrow.

“Tom and I both studied at Kingston University and since then he’s helped me on a few projects. The timing of this project just seemed to fit perfectly and I contacted him to see what he thought and we decided to collaborate fully. We’re both real happy with the piece and looking forward to making some more work.”


DirectorTom Bunker
DirectorNicos Livesey
AnimationBlanca Martinez de Rituerto
AnimationJoe Sparrow
2D AnimatorAndy Baker
2D AnimatorTom Bunker
2D AnimatorNicos Livesey

Promo News - 14th May 2013

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