Promo News - 13th May 2013

Ryan Prout combines completely contrasting types of performance in his video for Circle OF Reason’s Don’t Be Still – the band’s rocking band performance and that of Latin dancers Mario and Julia…

“The band had done performance vids before and wanted the focus shifted off of the band for Don’t Be Still. When we were throwing around ideas, I cut together some footage of Back To The Future’s Johnny B Goode scene and intercut with dancing from ads to see if the idea would stick, everyone was happy with the flow of it all and doing a precut really left me with the confidence to know the idea would work.

“We completely lucked out with the dancers, finding them via gumtree literally days away from filming, they really got the idea and pushed to make it their own.”


DirectorRyan Prout
EditorRyan Prout
Director of PhotographyChris Fergusson
Camera operatorElliott Trent
Production CoordinatorAngelica Jopson

Promo News - 13th May 2013

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