Promo News - 29th Apr 2013

More recently Tobias Stretch has moved away from the pure (and often jawdropping) stop-frame live action animation style of his early videos – which is the case with his video for Enemy Planes’ We Want Blood. But that unmistakeably otherworldly Stretch style is most definitely present.

On this low budget video, Tobias worked with actor Nathalye Barrios and then the band’s Casey Call (also an actor) at Coney Island and Brighton Beach in New York for several days, not long after Hurricane Sandy had given it a major battering. And the couple went through various hardships to achieve the beautiful and visceral moments at the heart of this enigmatic drama.

Tobias talks about making the Enemy Planes video at Director’s Notes.


DirectorTobias Stretch
Lead actorNatalye Barrios
Lead actorCasey Call

Promo News - 29th Apr 2013

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