Promo News - 17th Apr 2013

French director Cédric Blaisbois has filled the hole left in the ‘young persons murder’ market since Daniel Wolfe’s ‘Time To Dance’ (now released over a year ago). However, this is a different video altogether. Three youngsters (two girls and one boy) find they have a house to themselves and set about indulging the relatively misdemeanours of drinking and dancing. Although it becomes more and more apparent that they are, by turn, pushing limits further and further.

Things really kick off with the death of one of the group before the video concludes with an impressive (and disturbing) fire scene. Interpretations will run amok!


DirectorCédric Blaisbois
Production CompanyRods
ProducerCamilele Denoix
Line ProducerSalomé Fabre
1st ADGary Brocaud
Director of PhotographyPhilip Lozano
Camera operatorMalek Krimed
SteadicamLoïc Andrieu
GafferAmida Belgharbi
SparkTeddy Moireau
Art DirectionGeraldine Nicolo
SFXJean-Christophe Spadaccini
SFXGuy Bonnel
Sound designJules Wysocki
SoundAndre Fevre
Post ProducerJérôme Pesnel
CastHugo Aymeric
CastSolweig Lizlow
CastClaire Bouanich
CastSimon Koukissa

Promo News - 17th Apr 2013

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