Promo News - 15th Apr 2013

Dylan Woodley of Insomnia Animations has created, executed, filmed & very much entirely Lego-ed a shot-for-shot reenactment in Lego of Emil Nava’s video for Ed Sheeran’s Lego House – the one with Rupert Grint as the Ed lookalike and stalker fan.

With a certain irresistible logic, it has been made to coincide with the American release of Lego House. And as a copy of the original, Dylan Woodley has done a very impressive, bordering on remarkable job.

But anyone who says that Dylan’s Lego stalker gives a more convincing performance than Rupert is just being a horrible bully…


DirectorDylan Woodley
Production CompanyInsomniac Animations
CommissionerWes Teshome

Promo News - 15th Apr 2013

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