Promo News - 11th Apr 2013

In his superb documentary-style video for Landshapes’ In Limbo, Ian Pons Jewell follows the fortunes of a girl in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, who turns out to be part of the city’s wrestling community.

It’s a fascinating snapshot of a city and its people, and an intriguing world, where women in traditional national costume (bowler hat and all) wrestle clowns…

“It was magical,” says Ian. “Luisa from Landshapes asked if I could direct their video, and I happened to be going to Argentina for a couple months anyway and I speak Spanish, so it was perfect. We went out without a solid plan and wrote the script together after meeting the fighters and seeing the incredible city of La Paz.

“The music ended up working beautifully with everything we saw, allowing us to really hone the narrative to the track timings, despite it being sort of documentary. We were so lucky in getting Marta (Mirian Lidia Mamani) as our protagonist as she was incredible. The production was pretty hard at first, working in a new country, but ended up meeting a great crew here who I have worked with a few more times.”

And Ian, currently unsigned in the UK, and working through his production company collective Studio Murmur, is still in La Paz, and having the time of his life by the sounds of it. “I came for the shoot, for two weeks, and I never left, and am still here after three months,” he confirms. “I’m now shooting Naughty Boy´s next video and hope to do more projects out here. It´s a mad place.”

Ian’s full account of the making of the video is at Brain Wash.


DirectorIan Pons Jewell
Production CompanyStudio Murmur
WriterLuisa Gerstein
WriterIan Pons Jewell
Director of PhotographyDoug Walshe
EditorGaia Borretti
ColouristLuke Morrisson
ProducerGabriela Gemio Zumaran
Production AssistantEdson Chambi Bohorquez
Focus PullerBruno Travers
Post ProducerSerena Noorani
Assistant EditorSimone Balduzzi
Lead actorJuan Mamani
Lead actorMirian Lidia Mamani
Lead actorDenys Sanjines
Lead actorJuan Cruz
Lead actorJulio Choca
Special ThanksVice
Special ThanksTitanes Del Ring
Special ThanksYecid Benavides Jr

Promo News - 11th Apr 2013

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