Promo News - 8th Apr 2013

Alabama (duo James Worsley and Pedro de la Fuente) venture into the strange lands of the dirty south for the soulful, dare we say, ‘brostep’ of Monsta. It’s a brilliantly frenetic journey, with some top swampland locations and quirky characters. Azul Serra has done a lovely job as DoP, and again Alabama have captured everything in a slightly surreal and incredibly polished production.

The duo called in some favours to film in the area, and used some in-camera trickery to bring an edgier feel. James explains: “When we first heard the track we were instantly transported to the deep south USA. You know, white trash stuff, meth addicts, guns, young girls with not so much clothes on, religious cults, all of that stuff. We have a bunch of friends in Savannah and some of the places you find there are just incredible. Swamps, derelict buildings and incredible southern food. What’s not to like.

“We wanted also to hit a sweet spot between high end equipment and a gritty low-fi camera we have been wanting to experiment with for ages. Also we played a lot with optical effects done in camera. Distorting the image as we are filming gives a much more organic and unique result rather then doing it in post.”


ProducerJody Schiesser
Production CompanyAutobahn
1st ADVenkat Chunduru
GafferTim Gill
GripMatt Bradford
GripNick Chiappina
SparkBobbie Harley
Lead actorBryan Christopher
Lead actorGrayson Free
Lead actorSutton Garrett
Lead actorHanna Davis
Lead actorBrokke Cowart
Lead actorAshley Kirk
Lead actorSarah Godfrey
Lead actorCaroline Rietkovich
Lead actorMike Dale
Lead actorWilbert Auteur
Hair & Make-upJules De Jesus
Hair & Make-upJessica Mock
StylistElidh Greig
Wardrobe & HairJudith More
Production AssistantAnthony Paderewaki
Production AssistantDanger Mendrala
CommissionerSemera Khan
CommissionerEmily Tedrake

Promo News - 8th Apr 2013

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