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Fun ‘Why Am I The One’ by Jordan Bahat

Promonews - 2nd Apr 2013

Jordan Bahat charts the journey of a suitcase which becomes separated from it’s owner – in this case US pop band Fun – in his excellent promo for Why Am I The One. Follow the case on it’s cinematic adventures – as the viewer gets emotionally involved – before being reunited with the band. Curiosity will almost certainly keep you watching till the end.

“The band came with the idea of shooting a video about lost luggage” explains Jordan. “So I wanted to create an epic journey for this bag – but I also wanted the viewer to connect emotionally with the bag as if it were a character. As if, when they see the bag, they think of a lost dog or an orphan instead.

“Amongst the crew we immediately named the bag Stanley. I wanted Stanley to have a face that we could identify, but that at the same time, I wanted the face to look accidental as if it were constructed by natural elements of the bag’s design and maybe some accumulated wear from travel. And also, the face needed to have a certain ambiguity so we could get gather different emotions from Stanley dependent on the environment or actions of the scene without having to actually change anything about the face. So when he’s trekking across America it’s as if he’s smiling with his hair waving in the wind. But when he’s in abandoned on a sidewalk with mud splattered across his face, it reads like a really pathetic scenario.

“The scope of the video was also very important. I wanted Stanley to go on a kind of coming of age road-trip. One of the earlier designs for Stanley’s journey had him falling in love with another bag, witnessing the biker character having sex with a roadside prostitute, getting stabbed in mafia fight sequence…That would have been a different video I’m sure. But we went with that idea — that Stanley had to physically travel and see the world. Have his Eat, Pray, Love experience or something.

“To actually shoot the video, we had a day with the band in Seattle based on their manic touring schedule. Then we came back to LA and shot the more localized stuff – the pawn shop and street sequences, the mafia sequence, etc. The last day of production was dedicated to the road trip montage which broke down into a 250 mile road trip around Southern California in order to capture coast, fields, desert and snow. Mark, the guy who played the biker in Seattle, actually came down to LA to carry on his role and shoot the road trip sequence. It was a lot of fun and a great way to cap off production. Anyway, a lot of running around for five and a half minutes”.

Promonews - 2nd Apr 2013


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Promonews - 2nd Apr 2013

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