David Knight - 22nd Mar 2013

André Chocron captures the bereft quality of the Jonas Alaska's If Only As A Ghost - an utterly heartbreaking ode to his deceased brother - with a compelling image: the Dylanesque young Norwegian singer-songwriter is suspended under water, like a fly in aspic.

More like a still portrait in fact, allowing the viewer to focus on the lyrics. And then at the end you realise this one-shot is being played out in reverse...


DirectorAndré Chocron
ProducerAndrea Berentsen Ottmar
DITLasse Selvli
ColouristCamilla Holst Vea / Storyline Studios
Special ThanksNadderudhallen, Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs, Storyline, Motion Blur

David Knight - 22nd Mar 2013

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