Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2013

Taking his cue from the aftermath of the riots of 2011, Drew Cox takes the viewer on an exhilarating and dark ride through London in his powerful promo for Engine Earz Experiment's Shadow People/Rogue Status.

The fast-moving video, shot in black and white, never lets up for a second with some eye-popping imagery including brilliant slow-motion acrobatics, intense characters and a powerful performance from the UK dubsteppers.

"The band approached me about doing a low budget video together, although they wanted something apocalyptic and with a London feel - something that captured the mood in London after the riots" explains Drew.

"A lot had been going on in the press about the bankers, jobs crashing, food scandals, media lies, police negligence and all within the year London was hosting the Olympics,putting on a brave face and trying to sweep all the lies under the carpet. I wanted to play with a story of an unlikely hero in a part reality/part fantasy landscape. A quest type feel in a modern urban landscape".

"The band had mixed two tracks into one, Shadow People and Rogue Status featuring Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars and wanted the video to flow within these two narratives, but as one story.

"I shot the video on a Sony FS700 as I wanted to play with different frame rates and liked the grainy black and white look it was creating at 400fps.
I then shot elements of green screen which I composited in AE. The hardest part was trying to give the feeling of being on the London Underground. As the Olympics cancelled all filming on the underground for the duration of the games we had to try and recreate our own train with the use of 2 red head lamps being pushed towards the camera, running backwards on a track,whilst the boy jumped off a dodgy looking table down into the tracks and then proceeding to have to run on the spot for 10 seconds and then dive off the tracks before the red heads hit him. This took about 20 hilarious takes and a very concerned look on the face of the boys guardian.

"We created the entire video for 2k with Lucy Barber the producer pulling out all the stops. I wrote, shot,directed and edited the video and it took 2 months to produce. I wanted to create a video that set London in a different light and highlighted the message behind the music in an abstract way".



DirectorDrew Cox
ProducerLucy Barber
Production CompanySlanted Eyes & Lulla
Director of PhotographyDrew Cox

Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2013

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