David Knight - 8th Feb 2013

Kris Moyes' mesmerising video for Grizzly Bear's Gun-Shy places the band in the heightened world of the animated gif and a series of images designed to disarm, and even make you squirm. In the countryside in bright sunshine, the band conduct a series of medical tests on themselves more appropriate for a lab or hospital. Blood flows in tubes and centrifuges, things get stranger all the time...

Kris Moyes has revealed that the idea was actually presented for A Simple Answer, another track on Grizzly Bear's current album Shields, but the band's Daniel Rossen directed him towards making it for Gun-Shy, where the lyrical references to a decaying physical state sat better with the concept. Working almost alone on the project, he also said: "The language of gif animations sits somewhere between photography and the moving image and much like Chris Marker's La Jetée I wanted to pursue the notion of telling a story in a series of static frames that had a weird life in them."

Interview with Kris Moyes on the Grizzly Bear 'Gun-Shy' video at onepointfour.



DirectorKris Moyes
CommissionerLaura Tunstall

David Knight - 8th Feb 2013

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