Jimmy Brown - 21st Jan 2013

Frightened Rabbit 'The Woodpile' by handheldcineclub2Frightened Rabbit 'The Woodpile' by handheldcineclubWhen things are not what they seem... Handheldcineclub deliver this hugely watchable drama - with a major twist - for Frightened Rabbit's The Woodpile. It's a one-shot video in a New York convenience store, and James Lockey from Handheldcineclub explains that the idea came after a conversation with Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison. "He was talking me through what the lyrics we're about, and the lyric 'a lit torch to the woodpile' stuck out as a really strong line, so we went laterally from there. "To me it's about how people jump in on things without knowing the facts, situations getting completely overblown and taken completely out of context – the mob mentality. Nowhere is this more present in the media and the everyday than in America where we filmed it." Frightened Rabbit The Woodpile Director: Handheldcineclub Producer: Stephanie Zari DoP: Brian Strange Steadicam Operator: Billy Green 1st Assistant Director: Samantha Santos 1st AC: Danny Sariano Gaffer: Jim Jones Art Director: Stephanie Barkley Hair/Makeup: Christine Hooguis Wardrobe: Mel Kier Production Manager: Artie Vincent 3rd AD (Runner/Driver): Heather Rafferty http://vimeo.com/51851070


ProducerStephanie Zari
Director of PhotographyBrian Strange
1st ADSamantha Santos
Focus PullerDanny Sariano
GafferJim Jones
Art DirectorStephanie Barkley
StylistMel Kier
Production ManagerArtie Vincent

Jimmy Brown - 21st Jan 2013

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