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Morten Abel 'Lost' by Lars Åndheim & Ola Martin Fjeld

David Knight - 17th Jan 2013

A very Scandinavian take on Gothic horror – incorporating Norse and Celtic folklore and pitch-black humour – for Morten Abel's Lost, by Lars Åndheim & Ola Martin Fjeld. Or maybe its just a Norwegian thing - and it has caused controversy there. Its certainly a brilliant visual journey into the macabre, from the opening prologue when Morten ceremonially prepares for his own suicide. From then on, he floats through his house to snow-flecked Norse limbo-land, with a white-gowned girls in tow, through imagery of decay and regeneration, and past a fearsome, antlered man... It's dark, beautiful, great filmmaking, helmed by Lars Åndheim – who also co-directed the amazing, darker-than-dark video for Lasse Passage's Say Say Say – and Ola Martin Fjeld, who directed Pixel's Call Me (just featured on Promo). "Morten is something like the Norwegian equivalent to David Bowie," explains Lars. "And Lost comes off as catchy and radio friendly, but there's also a dark undercurrent and a certain grandness, which inspired us to take the promo into uncanny territory. We wanted to make a piece which connoted both life and death, so we improvised images around a journey through some kind of occult limbo - inspired both by Norse and Celtic folklore (hence the dude with the antlers). "The video raised some controversy in Norway prior to it's release with accusations of idolizing suicide. But for us, the story is more about change, rebirth and the temporality of flesh. We also aimed towards blurring the lines between the beautiful and the repulsive, even though our most sinister ideas were censored by the label. It was perhaps for the better." 

David Knight - 17th Jan 2013

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Ola Martin Fjeld
Lars Andheim
Miriam Pedersen Eeg
Production Company
Go Happy/ Filmfaktisk
Production Manager
Linn Marie Corneliussen
1st AD
Marius Bergersen


Director of Photography
Espen Gulbrandsen


Daniel Atkinson
Espen Zubi


Production designer
Silje Vinje


Sarah Adolfsen, C

David Knight - 17th Jan 2013

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