David Knight - 9th Jan 2013

Aloosh 'Ceramic- Wind For Kite' by J G HardingAloosh 'Ceramic-Butter' by J G HardingJ G Harding's two-part film accompanies the release of the 'Aloosh' debut album Ceramic, depicting opposing points of view in an imagined relationship. Both parts were shot on location in Snowdonia, around a beautiful cottage. Part one sees J G Harding take a abstract approach, with the beautiful monochrome landscapes of Snowdonia invaded by mysterious CGI origami figures. The couple appear at the end of Wind For Kite, but then in complete visual contrast to the first video, their sexual tension is played out within the cottage in Butter. Claustrophic, colour-saturated and driven by character and sumptuously styled food, Butter sees the couple's preparation then consumption of a massive and rather unusual feast. Its a humorous and memorable visual counterpoint to the greyscale sobriety of Wind For Kite. Aloosh Ceramic, Part One: Wind For Kite Ceramic, Part Two: Butter Director: J G Harding Producer: Alastair McNeill Camera/Editor/Grading: J G Harding 3D CG in Part 1: Thom Haig Food Styling in Part 2: Marlene Dispoto Man: Benji Fox Woman: Jessica Morfey Styling: Marita Nemsadze www.aloosh.co.uk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNGquFXmLOU&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuMjew8TbnE&feature=youtu.be


DirectorJ G Harding
ProducerAlastair McNeill
ManBenji Fox
WomanJessica Morfey
StylistMarita Nemsadze

David Knight - 9th Jan 2013

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David Knight - 5th Sept 2012

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