David Knight - 3rd Jan 2013

stygg-v886centauri_02stygg-v886centauri_05Johan Bring and David Strindberg of Punx Stockholm channel the spirit of Depeche Mode and Anton Corbijn in their video for Stygg's V886 Centauri, with guys in funny gowns marching around rocky escarpments. It's the third collaboration between the Swedish directing duo and the techno outfit, and sounds like the most testing. "After the shooting of this video we realise living as a beduin would never be an option for us," say Johan and David. "The cold nights, the savage beasts of the desert and the lack of Hubba Bubba would make such a stay quite unbearable." Life is certainly quite hard without Hubba Bubba. Stygg V886 Centauri Director: Johan Bring and David Strindberg Prod co: Punx Sthlm http://vimeo.com/54846545


DirectorJohan Bring and David Strindberg
Production CompanyPUNX STHLM

David Knight - 3rd Jan 2013

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