David Knight - 3rd Jan 2013

Jack & Alex - previous known as Halcyon Nights - have 'unearthed' a lost film of scientific experimentation from the 1970s.... experiments at 'Zenith Medical Technologies' in the field of 'ecteneic energy' which are murky, dangerous, and ultimately devastating.

"We wanted to subvert the upbeat nature of the track and address the sinister undertones of the lyrics by taking things down a darker, unexpected path," explain Jack and Alex. "Fake Blood has always had a slightly macabre, twisted style to his imagery so we tried to stay true to that, drawing inspiration from found-footage horror and things like 'The Dharma Initiative' videos in Lost." 


Director of PhotographyMarcus Domleo
Art DirectorFrancesca Massariol
StylistBelle Mundi
Make-upChamia Choudhury
1st ADDaniel Bliss
2nd ADAthena Stavrakis
Focus PullerMarek Mysicka
GafferMarcus Autelli
EditorEllie Johnson
CastSilvana Maimone, Penny Granyscombe, Rakel Dimar, Conner McKenzy
Production CompanyHalcyon
CommissionerBen Bishop
DirectorJack & Alex
Director's RepresentationHalcyon

David Knight - 3rd Jan 2013

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