David Knight - 18th Dec 2012

The latest project by The Blind Club – expert exponents of the live music video – is for guitar-maestro Jonathan Wilson. The Leeds-based team actually shot this live performance of Jonathan and his band close to home – in Bradford – and it turns out they are big fans of his brand of classic blues-rock.

“Being into Jonathan’s music of course made the project a pleasure to work on, but also I think helped to determine the way the film should look and how it should feel,” says Blind Club’s James Rhodes. “We recorded on location in Bradford with our portable recording studio, run by our audio engineer Pete Wright. Then we had the privilege of post production sound being carried out by Jonathan Wilson himself. Jonathan runs his own recording studio back home in LA called Fivestar Studios, which he returned to for mixing and mastering a few days after filming.

“I was thrilled to hear Jonathan’s touring sound engineer say, after I’d showed him the finished piece, that we’d captured the true essence of Jonathan and the band. He’s toured with them for a long time, and for him to tell me we’d nailed it, creating a very honest document of the band at that moment in time was extremely satisfying.”


DirectorThe Blind Club
EditorSarah Peczek
Production CompanyLeft Eye Blind Productions
Director of PhotographyJames Rhodes
SoundPete Wright

David Knight - 18th Dec 2012

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