David Knight - 11th Dec 2012

Nick Chatfield-Taylor - Brooklyn-based director of clips for the likes of Matt & Kim, Ninjasonik, the superbly named Parts & Labor, engaged a lot of help to make his superb video for garage-punk duo the Unstoppable Death Machines' Do The Devo. In fact this is a performance video of the basic bass-and-drums combo hand-rotoscoped over by over 160 artists, with some eyepopping results. Chatfield-Taylor made it happen during a 22-day residency at the Clocktower Gallery in Manhattan... Nick explains: "While there, I filmed the band, edited a video, printed out every frame of the video, and then the band and I invited everyone we knew to come draw on a 4'x8' light-table that I built. Outside of editing the video and photographing all the drawings, there were no electronic components to the project. Every drawing was done by hand." There's more information and photographs of the work-in-progress here. Mike from Unstoppable Death Machines adds: "We wanted to do something experimental, interactive, and fun. I love all of Nick’s work, and his past music videos. We sat on a park bench one day discussed which song to use, and some concepts. A week later Nick said, “I have another idea…” And that was that. Nick’s vision and foresight saw this video through. He is half artist-extraordinaire and half mad-scientist. The perfect mix for a UDM video." Unstoppable Death Machines Do The Devo Director: Nick Chatfield-Taylor http://youtu.be/LM0M7WJsk7Q


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David Knight - 11th Dec 2012

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