David Knight - 10th Dec 2012

Animation and motion graphics artist John Brown – aka The Popular Society – has been developing an original method of capturing architecture via moving image for a few years - and his mesmerising mirrorimage and compositing techniques have found fruition with a music video for Wave Machines' song Fit. "This is an attempt to capture a 'feel' of the architecture's weight and swing. The kaleidoscope-like compositing works to reveal the geometry of the architecture and, as my friend Lutz Becker says 'turn them into jewels'. "I've been developing this technique for the past four years, and it's a relief to finally get the opportunity to debut it alongside such a good tune, so thank you Wave Machines and Mr. Scott Spencer..." Wave Machines Fit Director: John Brown and Scott Spencer Prod co: The Popular Society http://vimeo.com/50939095


DirectorJohn Brown and Scott Spencer
Production CompanyThe Popular Society

David Knight - 10th Dec 2012

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