Sam Hill - 10th Dec 2012

Brendan Cleaves delivers a dark, mysterious performance promo for former King Blues man Jamie Jazz's new outfit Beach Blood. The video features some flashy fireworks lighting and some top smoke effects. Here's what the band had to say: "The whole idea basically came from wanting play around with sparklers. Brendan Cleaves (the director) came up the idea for trying to light a whole music video using nothing but sparklers as the front lights... and it worked! "After 300 sparklers, six fountains, five rescue flares, four smoke bombs and blow-torch, the only thing that was burnt was a pizza. Although we certainly learnt the hard way why you shouldn't release a smoke bomb in sealed tunnel – it hurts. And the locals weren't massive fans of all their smoke alarms going off in the middle of the night." Beach Blood Let Your Heart Sing Director: Brendan Cleaves Director of Photography: Laura Bellingham Editor: Flaura Atkinson @ FAMILY Post Soho Runner/Playback: Burcin Nicrub Make Up: Laura Marsh


DirectorBrendan Cleaves
EditorFlaura Atkinson
Make-upLaura Marsh
Editing companyFamily Editing

Sam Hill - 10th Dec 2012

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