Jimmy Brown - 6th Dec 2012

Cornershop release their Christmas single Every Year So Diffent featuring guest vocalist TRWBADOR and turn to Chris Curtis for this utterly cute and charming animated video. "The song inspired me to go down a rabbit hole of bygone bucolic happenings and into the inner mind of a cuckoo clock jukebox," explains Chris. "Clockwork feline hosts and floating bears fill a festive snow globe world inspired by the rosy nostalgia of 50s and 60s American greetings cards. Scratching back and forth, the video serves up a wistful and warm classic." Well, indeed. Cornershop ft TRWBADOR Every Year So Different Director: Chris Curtis Prod co: Passion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oJTNs81958&feature=youtu.be


DirectorChris Curtis

Jimmy Brown - 6th Dec 2012

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