Sam Hill - 4th Dec 2012

Set in the same Korean city, this music video-style documentary is certainly a million miles away from 'Gangnam Style', showing a more real face of Seoul. It follows Jong-Kwon Hong - a homeless recycle collector- trying to save money to buy a motorcycle. The epic ambiance provided by Sigur Ros only catalyses the tear-jerking atmosphere, and the charismatic optimism sprouting from the homeless Jong-Kwon Hong is amazing. It's not part of the Valtari Film Experiment, but it's very fitting of the Icelandic band's emotional music. Directed, Produced and Edited by: Nils Clauss & Namhui Park Featuring: Jong-Kwon Hong Music Video Representation: Y-i London // NTSH

Sam Hill - 4th Dec 2012

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