David Knight - 4th Dec 2012

It's a race against time to save a young woman's life in Loadstar's Black and White, featuring rapper Benny Banks and directed by Suki Singh – with a Sliding Doors-style twist... Sandstorm's Rebecca Ward came up with the original concept on hearing the track, then Suki Singh took the helm once it was commissioned. Phantom Flex was used to shoot between 1000-2000fps for the bath scene, creating immediate drama and showing off the location and movement of the water. A mixture of RED and DSLR’s were used to capture the two sets of night exteriors in one shoot - one where the good samaritan has to run to save her, and the one where he remembers the keys to the Porsche... Loadstar ft Benny Banks Black And White (Ram Records) Director: Suki Singh Prod co: Sandstorm Producer: Tom Ward Writer: Rebecca Ward Assistant Director: Andrew Marsh Director of Photography: Tom Ward & Pedro del Battenberg http://youtu.be/dhHrdDYl1Mg


DirectorSuki Singh
Production CompanySandstorm
ProducerTom Ward
WriterRebecca Ward
Director of PhotographyTom Ward & Pedro del B

David Knight - 4th Dec 2012

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