Jimmy Brown - 16th Nov 2012

"Love Me Bad shows two different genres merging together to create a unique song - I wanted to create a fun tone to the video, showing the personalities of both artists" explains Sheridan de Myers on his promo for Sincere's Love Bad.

"As the video is about girls loving the artists 'bad', but in a good way. I also wanted to show different girls in various scenarios in their every day settings, while also adding a bright and colourful look to the overall look to the video. The quick changing backdrops adds a fast paced fee to the video as we see the two artists on their way to a street party.

"I wanted to capture a colourful Jamaica showing beautiful sites and people. Showing the cool dancehall scene over there as it hasn't been seen in a little while in a urban video".



DirectorSheridan De Myers
1st ADJay Williams
Director's RepresentationY

Jimmy Brown - 16th Nov 2012

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