Jimmy Brown - 12th Nov 2012

Italian trance producer Guiseppe Ottavani and Australian singer Amba Sherherd team up with Matt Cerwen in Sydney for this contrasting 'fast city life with calming trance' promo for their Lost For Words single.

"We had a very tight budget to complete the video," explains Matt "So we took a very simple idea, a small cast and a talented, fast-moving crew and ran around Sydney gathering our footage through the course of one long day."


DirectorMatt Cerwen
Production CompanyMetropol Films
ProducerAnna Lawrence
EditorMatt Cerwen
HairKathryn Cerwen
CommissionerPaula Van Der Werden @ 24/7 Management
Make-upMarie Kyle
Director of PhotographyRobert Agganis

Jimmy Brown - 12th Nov 2012

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