David Knight - 7th Nov 2012

The amazing Radio Soulwax project where David and Stephen Dewaele - aka 2 Many DJs and Soulwax - are creating 24 themed albums each containing an hours-worth of exclusive, uniquely created audio and visual content, has now reached the 23rd hour. And it's time for some Bowie.

Directed by Wim Reygaert, Dave is a tribute to David Bowie's career, in which we follow an uncanny Bowie lookalike called Dave (played by model Hannelore Knuts) through a fever dream about Bowie's life and career. And it's fantastic: to a soundtrack of Bowie songs, we follow Dave as he travels through time to track down and exterminate all other versions of himself. It could hardly be more surreal if Nic Roeg himself had directed it...

The trailer is below to the full one-hour film which will have a special screening at the Curzon cinema in Mayfair next Tuesday, November 13th at 6.20pm. The screening will be followed by Q&A with David & Stephen Dewaele, and Wim Reygaert, hosted by George Lamb.

Dave follows Wim Reygaert's brilliant first film for the Radio Soulwax project, Into The Vortex - a journey through one of the last album sleeve factories, in which album cover after album cover comes to life, all in life size version. A Caviar Belgium production, Wim is now represented by Forever Pictures in the UK.

It marks penultimate stage in a huge, very successful project. The Radio Soulwax app has received massive critical acclaim since its launch in 2011 and has been downloaded over 500,000 times. On top of that www.radiosoulwax.com has now received in excess of 25 million hits since it launched.And Dave will be available online on November 14th on the RSWX app for iPhone/iPad and android.


CastHannelore Knuts
DirectorWim Reygaert
ProducerGeert De Wachter
Executive ProducerK
Director of PhotographyMaximiliaan Dierickx
Production designerStefan Bracke
EditorKoen Timmerman
StylistValerie Hellebaut
ProducerEva Van Riet

David Knight - 7th Nov 2012

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