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Two Fingers 'Vengeance Rhythm' by Chris Ullens

Two Fingers 'Vengeance Rhythm' by Chris Ullens

Sam Hill - 25th Oct 2012



Chris Ullens follows up his stop motion wonder for Slugabed's Sex with something significantly more explosive for Amon Tobin's new guise, Two Fingers. For Slugabed, it was simply fruit and veg getting maimed, but in Vengeance Rhythm we're witness to a brutal killing spree of cuddly proportions that's as horrific as it is entertaining.

Our maleficent anti-hero hunts down even the cutest of children's room toys and no doll is safe. It's tip-top stop motion throughout (blood and guts everywhere) but it's the slow motion exploding Barbie that will leave you reeling. Just in time for Halloween, these furry kills match even the darkest slasher flicks!

Chris: "For budget reasons, we transformed my living room into this kids room gore fest for a week. It was non-stop, we had all our meals next to the bloody set, so eating pizzas while looking at it all, it was a real full on immersion into the mood of the job. Of course, as we couldn't afford more than a week of set, the shoot was a classical stop frame music video shoot with long, long nights that end up confounding themselves with the following mornings and so on for a week, weekend included. By the end, I was dreaming stop frame animated teddy kills and felt like I had taken 10 years in a week, as we were animating on the floor!
"And in the middle of it all, we had a very cool slow-motion shoot day. The pyrotechnician from Arcadia SFX is the guy who did the SFX for the last Rambo film... that was a very good start! And then we had Stephen from Love Hi Speed to record it all, so the day was a really funny one, the whole team all had a great laugh, so much so, that we had to pay for a repaint of the whole studio, as there were blood and guts from the floor to the walls and all over the ceiling.... great!"

Sam Hill - 25th Oct 2012


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Chris Ullens
Adam Farley


Director of Photography
Ben Magahy


Art Director
Ciaran Beale


James Wright


Ned Al-Astrabadi

Sam Hill - 25th Oct 2012

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